trailed agricultural atomizer / for viticulture / for orchards / centrifugal



  • Mobility:


  • Application:

    for viticulture, for orchards

  • Other characteristics:


  • Capacity:

    1,000 l, 1,500 l, 2,000 l, 3,000 l, 4,000 l (264.2 gal)


- Balance between pressure and flow rate
- Teyme’s most versatile machine
- High level of air pressure
- Ø915 mm with 2 channels
LOW CONSUMPTION propeller specially designed by TEYME.
Air straigthener deflector with proportional distribution.
2 channels: A+B (TURBO)
Adjustable blower housing.
Sturdy 2 speeds gear box + neutral point capable of transferring up to 70hp in GTU9.
Centrifugal 3-shoes ZAMAK clutch of smooth and progressive starting.
Protection grids Suction/Impulsion complying with ISO rules.
Low noise level.