chaser bin / 2-axle / single-axle / agricultural



  • Construction:

    chaser bin

  • Number of axles:

    2-axle, single-axle

  • Application:


  • Payload:

    10 ton, 16 ton

  • Other characteristic:



JOSKIN has designed a new agricultural trailer for the harvesting of palm fruits. Based on the successful Trans-Cap agricultural trailer, this trailer is simple, sturdy and can face all types of tracks. The sprung drawbar ensures a significant flexibility and protects the driver from shocks.

Specifications • Tapered monocoque body.
• 900mm wide chassis made of closed profiles to provide the machine with a significant sturdiness.
• Single or double axle.
• Payload from 10 to 12 t on single axle and from 12 to 16 t on double axle.
Specificities • The body made of 4mm thick HLE 420 high tensile steel is not fitted with a rear door but with a scow rear end for an easy unloading.
• The harvesting of palm fruits for example requires a manual loading. That is why several body heights are available to allow a quick and easy loading.
• It is suited to difficult tracks.

Hitching The Trans-PALM is fitted with an open drawbar that, given its structure, ensures a very good weight/resistance ratio. Its wide fixing points (same width as the chassis) further improve the manoeuvrability and provide a perfect stability to the vehicle.
Easy Transport
Easy Transport The Trans-Palm tipping trailer was designed to be packaged in containers, which increases the transport possibilities while reducing the freight costs. As an example, up to 4 units of Trans-Palm 4500/7C65 can be put in one 40" container.