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automatic dibbler

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automatic dibbler automatic dibbler


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About the FL’EX Hole Puncher

The FL’EX Hole Puncher forms nice and straight cuttings and sowing holes, unlike a hole punch-roller. This means the seed will always land in the right place. In combination with the adjustable depth and position of the hole, this is crucial for uniform growth of your product.

The optional movable hole puncher achieves uniform holes. This contributes to a uniform crop.

The advantages of the hole puncher

The FL’EX hole puncher can be installed as a standalone unit or as part of a machine line. An overview of the advantages of the hole puncher:

Perfectly formed openings for cuttings and sowing
Nice and straight holes without chips
The increased press uniformity results in an enormous quality increase for sowing
Optional movable hole puncher for higher capacity with no compromise on quality
Capacity up to 1,000 trays an hour