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container conveyor / belt
FL'EX Covering unit



  • Applications:

    for containers

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Flier Systems has various scattering solutions for the stimulation of germination. Whether you use sand, soil, vermiculite or perlite; a correct and uniform layer thickness is very important.

Our FL’EX Covering Unit is unique thanks to its extremely even, uniform covering layer. This contributes to uniform germination.

The advantages of the covering unit
The FL'EX Covering Unit is unique! The layer thickness is adjustable for each batch and can often be much thinner due to its evenness. This could result in a saving of 50% on sand, soil or vermiculite.

Completely automated (sowing) process
Even covering layer for optimised germination
Up to 50% saving on sand, soil or vermiculite
Scattering possible with both wet and dry sand
Optional ground brush to prevent root overgrowth
Capacity of up to 1,000 crates an hour.
Max. 1,000 trays an hour
Minimal waste.