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automatic horticulture sticking line / tray covering



  • Type:


  • Application:

    tray covering


To stimulate proper sprouting, Flier Systems offers various scattering solutions. Whether you use sand, soil, vermiculite or perlite: a correct uniform layer thickness is essential.

Our covering unit distinguishes itself by a very even uniform scattering layer, which contributes to uniform sprouting. This will make you an even better supplier!

The advantages

The FL’EX Covering unit is unique! Layer thickness can be adjusted per batch, and can often be much thinner thanks to its uniformity. This can save up to 50%! Unlike other machines, the FL’EX Covering unit uses a minimal amount of sand, soil or vermiculite. Read more about the advantages of the FL’EX Covering unit here.

Fully automated (sowing) process;
Uniform scattering layer for perfect sprouting;
Less sand, soil or vermiculite is required to achieve the best results;
Scattering with both dry and wet sand;
Optional ground brush to prevent root overgrowth;
crates per hour;
trays per hour;
Minimal waste.