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potted plant sorter / automatic

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potted plant sorter / automatic potted plant sorter / automatic


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    for potted plants

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About the FL'EX Grading & sorting line
The FL’EX Grading and sorting line for young plants divides the plants into different grades. This automated solution enables you to achieve a uniform sorting process with increased profitability.

The cups with young plants are removed from the tray by a robot and placed into transport cups. The cups are then fed past a camera system and sorted in order of plant height, leaf volume, stem thickness and colour, among other things

Grading and sorting line specifications
After the plants are graded, they are distributed into various grades. These grades are determined using the set sorting criteria. The plants for each grade are then replanted into a tray with the use of a plant transfer unit. This also makes it possible to replant the plants in a staggered pattern.

Uniform sorting of plants
No damage to plant material
Capacity of up to 18,000 plants an hour
Unlimited number of gradings
Available for many tray types
Optional staggered tray filling (100%, 50%, 33%)