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pot transplanting machine / manual
FL’EX Sticking line for cuttings



  • Application:

    for pots

  • Type:



About the FL'EX Sticking line for cuttings
The FL’EX Sticking line for cuttings is the ideal solution for fast and efficient transplanting of cuttings. The FL'EX Sticking line features adjustable tables so that employees can take cuttings whilst standing or sitting.

The sticking line is fitted with conveyors with adjustable speed. Employees can work on the cuttings at both sides of the conveyors. An additional, optional roller conveyor for storing trays can be fitted above the conveyor.

Sticking line specifications
Multifunctional, ergonomic solution
Suitable for fast and comfortable taking of cuttings, grafting and transplanting
Features a unique counting system
Number of working layers (max. 3) and workspaces to be specified by you
Significant contribution to management of the work process
Capacity increase up to 100% per person