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automatic tray filler
FL’EX Plug Fixer



  • Type:


  • Capacity (trays/hour):

    11,000 p/h


The FL'EX Plug Fixer is part of the FL'EX Germination Vision System. By combining these two solutions, you can grade the germination of trays and sort the young plants.

The Plug Fixer ensures maximum efficiency and guarantees 100% uniform filling of trays.

The FL'EX Germination Vision System and the FL'EX Plug Fixer, together with vision software, enable you to collect reliable, uniform data at the same time as filling your trays 100% with the help of robot arms.

Uniform data collection
100% uniform filling of trays
Capacity of up to 11,000 plants an hour
Easily adjustable for other tray sizes