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automatic tray seeder / mechanical
FL’EX Slide seeder



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Capacity (trays/hour):

    1,000 p/h


About the FL'EX Slide seeder
The FL'EX Slide seeder sows round seeds such as lettuce pills and cabbage varieties at high speeds. The sowing is extremely accurate, so that the right number of seeds is placed in a cell.

The FL’EX Slide Seeder is often used with the FL'EX Soil-blocking machine for sowing one specific type of seed. This, and the relatively simple technology mean that a slide seeder is considerably cheaper than a drum seeder.

The advantages of the slide seeder
The FL'EX Slide seeder works with a sowing tray. The seeds are dropped through holes in the tray during sowing. Different sowing trays are available for various types of seeds.

Suitable for sowing round seeds such as lettuce pills and cabbage varieties.
Easily adjustable for other sowing trays
Capacity up to 1,000 trays an hour
12,000 press pots per hour